November 25 
PAM!, in Cardedeu. 
With Pau Gener, Raquel Santanera and Enric Casasses.

November 7 Sant Cugat Poetry Festival. Translations of poets from world literature: Sophia de Mello, A. Cristina César, Eugénia de Vasconcellos, Teresa Rita Lopes, Anne Carson.

October 18 Reading club Touches of letters. Laziness With presentation by Miquel de Palol.

July 1-2. show Com elles in Majorca. Presentation of the anthology, ed. Leonard Muntaner

May 13 Poetry Festival of Sant Celoni.

March 31 Faithful and virtuous night, by Louise Glück, trbrought by Núria Busquet. Buc ed.
Calders bookstore, Barcelona.

March 2 Ouse and Like them in the City of Letters, with Marc Romera and Concha García, with The Proximities.

February 23 Ouse in the Cake

January 25 Presentation of the anthology Com elles. An anthology of Western poets of the 20th century. ed. Leonard Muntaner With Odile Arqué, Sebastià Portell and Maria Muntaner.

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