December 17. La Createca. Barcelona

December 5Porcellada d'Áger


27 of November The sleepless sphere. Athenaeum of Sant Just.




15 of nautumn. Like them PAM! carded



31 dOctober. Party Open up, ethe new wine from Celler Bárbara Foris.  

Pairing of wine and poetry!!

(Foto: Carlota Fuertes)


16 of October Like them San Cugat

(Photos by X. Montoliu and Maria Muntaner)



22 of October The sleepless sphere. Prefeeltion the last book of Màrius Sampwas  Ed. The Brief rent Barcelona

(Photos by Xavier Vidal)




23 of October
gargled festival
National Poetry Festival of Sant Cugat. Café Auditorium. San Cugat 

(Photo by C. Fuertes)


30 of September The sleepless sphere. Prefeeltion from the last book of the beast Marius Sampwas  Ed. The Brief L'Originl. 



                                     (Photo Marc Permanyer)


(Archive photos of La Breu)

19 of September Veces. Amb Sebastian Porthe, Odile Arqué, Meritxell Gené, Nú Miret, Jorge Brotons, Anna Pantinayou Annie Bats.

NLOOK Barcelona 




(Photos: Jordi Carrió and Mvc)


July 24 Veces. Hive Francolí plug.



June 16 Veces. Saltamartini bookstore. Badalona

With Odile Arqué and Sebastià Portell.



19 of June Veces. Pairing with Bárbara Foris.

Athenaeum Sant Just. With Arnau Cónsul, Astrid Goldstein and Pili Sanmartin.



(Photo Ester Andwill pray)

June 25 Veces. Poetry. Odile Arque, Sebastand Portell, Mireia Calafell and Sander Clasen.


 June 11 Veces. Calders bookstore. With Thomas Arias


May 13 Veces in "Windows: poetry and editing" 

Barcelona Poetry Week. With Daniel Busquets, Blanca Llum Vidal, Jordi Vintró, Lluís Calvo and Ricard Mirabete. Pati Limona Civic Centre.

May 16 Com elles

Night of the Museums. CaixaForum (Barcelona). 

Alejandra Pizarnik

she strips naked in paradise
from his memory
she does not know the fierce destiny
of his visions
she is afraid of not knowing
what does not exist 

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May 21 Veces.

BauHouse. terrace 8 p.m.


April 20 Presentation of Veces. Ed. earthling With Joan Duran, Esteve Plantada, Lluís Calvo and Marc Romera. Admiral House (Barcelona).

(photos: Joana Fort)

April 23, Sant Jordi, signatory times 

March 20 Like them Library of Lloret de Mar 

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March 7 Segarra Theater (Santa Coloma de Gramanet). Like them

January 28 Presentation of the Beasts poster by Màrius Sampere. Ed Poncianes The Horiginal. 

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