December 19 Presentation of the Com Elles plaque (The eyes of Tiresies, Cafè Central). Tangram (Barcelona). With Odile Arqué. 

December 18 terrace Presentation of the anthology You will assume the voice. 

October 23 Cafè Central anniversary, 25 years. Bookstore Don't Read. Reading by Anise Koltz, The land is silent. With Arnau Pons and Toni Clapés. 


 October 22 Laie bookstore. Reading about M. Mercè Marçal. With Mireia Calafell and Dolors Miquel.

October 17 Popular Athenaeum 9 Barris. Poetry Marathon 

October 9 25th anniversary of Cafè Central. Reading about Nicole Brossard and Teresa Pascual. With Nú Miret and Carles Camps Mundó.

                                                       (photo: Calders Bookstore) 

October 4 Reading the text Lou's grave, by Denise Desautels. The house of culture (Girona). With Odile Arqué and Nú Miret. 

  (photo: Carlota Fuertes)

September 20 50 years Awards Recvll. Municipal Theater of Blanes. With Odile Arqué. 

                                                        (photo, Carlota Fuertes)

 September 18 Like them Zorilla Theater (Badalona). With Odile Arqué and Marc Romera. 

                                                                    (photo: Estel Solé)

                                                        (photo: Sebastià Portell)

July 26 PoésArt (Artà, Mallorca). Organized by M. Antònia Massanet.  

                                                                     (Photo by Odile Arqué) 

June 26 Tribute to Maria Beneyto. The Poeteca  

I leave you the link to the Poeteca, in case you want to know more:
The Poeteca

May 19 Poetry Week in Barcelona. Poetry and border. In the TNC. 

(Photo: Jordi Carrillo)

May 17 Poetic duels Bookstore Don't Read. With Ester Andorrà. 

                                          (Photo by Xavier Vidal)

May 14 Poetry Week. In the Aula de escritores (Barcelona). With Estel Solé, Joan Duran and Daniel Busquets.  

                                              (Photo: M. Antonia Massanet)


 I am also attaching a video of the event:

 Writers' Room (minute 5.05) 

"Like them" show:

From From April 25 to May 4, 2014, we premiered Com elles at La Seca in Barcelona, with Odile Arqué, Sebastià Portell and Marc Romera. For 6 days we sold out the tickets. 250 people saw the show.

Poetry show dedicated to some of the best poets born in the 20th century, such as Nicole Brossard, Anne Sexton, Felícia Fuster, Dulce Chacón, Alejandra Pizarnik, Hilde Domin, Sophia de Mello, Idea Vilariño, Ana Cristina César, Chantal Maillard...


Like her, Anne Sexton

Possessed witch, I went out to roam
by the black air, braver at night;
dreaming badly, I've passed
above the houses, from one lamp to another:
lonely, with twelve fingers, outside of me.
Such a woman is not quite a woman.
I have been like her.
I found the burning caves in the forest,
I have filled them with pots, engravings, shelves,
wardrobes, silks and many goods;
I have made dinner for the worms and goblins:
by complaining, I put order in the disorder.
Such a woman cannot be well understood.
I have been like her.
In your chariot I have climbed, driver,
I have said goodbye to the towns with my bare arm,
i have learned the last lit routes and i survive
where the flames still bite my thigh
and my ribs crackle where your wheels turn.
Such a woman is not ashamed to die.
I have been like her.

Translation Montserrat Abelló.–antologia-viva-dalgunes-grans-poetes-del-segle-xx/ 


                                                        (Photo: Laura Rosselló)

Reviews and opinions on Like them:

20 of March. Presentation Under the umbrella the cry, by Antònia Vicens. La Createca (Barcelona). With Odile Arqué and Sebastià Portell.  

March 7 Alabaster At Casal de la gent Gran (Cambrils). With Ester Andorrà.  

(Photo: Ignasi Pàmies)

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