ORLANDITZAR, by Jaume C. Pons Alorda

It is dressed in bones and cartilage. She is dressed in the depths of time, covering her skin and chin. The hair how desperately screams of fury, terror and tenderness. I can imagine her running through labyrinths, with a mastodon penis or an elemental vulva. pangea The grandiloquent mystical cosmic being who, from within, makes everything vibrate, quiver and reverberate through the snares of chronology. And Survive: Survive: SURVIVE! In this way, with extraordinary power, this poem made into being (and vice versa) is confused with the abysses, which are always linguistic traps. Orlando is the great transgressor, the eternal, the essential, the immortal, the sophisticated link, and you, Mireia, have created a hurricane, an explosion of driving matrices and significations. The torch continues to illuminate and you therefore offer us the follow-up of this essential testimony, among the voices of others, like echoes in the immensity (by Christina Woolf Virgina Rossetti, primordial nuclei, magmatic, volcanic, spectacular spills ... Even the poet who is just now being born amid screams and yearnings for the absolute). And you do it humbly, as when Blake knew that infinity lies within a grain of sand: your poetic wilderness floods us with wonder through all these verses. So have you created or have you been created versus have you been created? To what extent have you gone to Orlando or has Orlando embodied you? Incarnation, of necessity, of a human chain, of a spiritual spinal column is what you talk about, what you live, what you transmit through these very strong poems. Naturally, Orlando, of course!, can't be anyone else. Your poetry is powerful, fantastic, different, intelligent, fresh, vital, rhythmic, melodious, (in)harmonic, wild, brutal, inclement, authentic, beating... It's a total existential breath of life. You refresh and thrill with each verse, which is as if it was born to fertilize your mouth with sonority, omen and storm. And, in all the languages of passion, it is born: A SUPREME VERSE, A SUPERIOR STRENGTH, MILLENNIAL FINDING, DEPTH AND TRIUMPH. This (y)our Orlando is all that and more. Thanks for orlandizing me too. Alas!

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