Helena Valentine and Virginia Woolf

Helena Valentine
(Barcelona 1940-1990) earned a doctorate in Cambridge (dissertation on the Machados) and lived through the London of May 1968 and the feminist protests of the early 1970s. What envy!

Therefore, when he returned to Catalonia, he wanted to translate his reference English authors, including Virginia Woolf.

"The search for her own style, which distances her from fashion and makes her an outsider even today, is also part of feminist action. Valentine's feminism is a denial of dominant traditions and a search for other ways of living. Literary style is another link in this struggle: it is necessary to look for new forms in the face of the unacceptable legacy of the old ones.” 

Exactly: feminism, not only as a revolution and social positioning (also with and in the lifestyle itself!), but as a consequent literary position and, therefore, a great deconstruction challenge to return, later, to to build a "literature of our own", already stripped of tools and schemes that have been (like so many things) imposed on us women who write.

And, precisely, this is what I am, and this is what I have also tried to consider with my new book (September, 2024, with ed. Barcino)

Valentí also translated one of the key feminist manifestos of the modern era: La cambra propia, by V. Woolf, and one of the most emblematic British novels: Al far.


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