Criticism by Ignasi Franch in EL TRIANGLE, number 1011, 11 APRIL.

"Mireia Vidal-Conte's fifth collection of poems combines the definition of her own voice with the symbiotic immersion of this in the words of Virginia Woolf or Christina Rossetti. The author poeticizes biographical experiences while reflecting on the possible relationships (of complementarity, of exclusion) between life and writing, using images that unite both worlds (such as the language of bodies or the words written on the skin) . Vidal-Conte expresses himself with a passionate, fragmentary language, sculpted with intensity (and, on some occasions, with humor), where syntactic elaboration often gives way to more or less free interpretation connections between words. Short compositions dominate there in a set full of recurrences and references, which seems to claim passion in love (“that can hurt”) and in creation. Ignatius Franch.

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